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2fit Notebook Sleeve (13" MacBook Pro Retina Display)

$1.00 (In Stock)

2fit 13" MacBook Pro (Retina Display)
Key Features
Durable and Lightweight—Microfiber fabric sleeve provides extra protection from common day items that cause scuffing and scratching
Optical Quality Material Screen Protector—Soft screen protector buffers keyboard from screen when the notebook is closed and is safe to use when cleaning your MacBook Pro's display
Hand-made and Custom-Designed—2fit is designed specifically to fit your 13" MacBook Pro (Retina Display)
Easy to Clean—Just throw it in the washer. 2fit is machine-washable.

Scratch Deterent

Apple® notebook computers are as beautiful as they are powerful, but their finish is far from bulletproof. Even so, many owners choose convenience over protection. MacBook Pro notebooks often travel in a backpack or briefcase sharing space with an iPhone®, phone, keys, and pens—leaving their pricey cargo vulnerable to scuffs and scratches. Choose convenience and protection—get 2fit. Stylish and practical, the Sonnet 2fit sleeve is a form-fitting cover that provides a durable layer of protection that helps prevent damage to your computer’s finish.

Each 2fit sleeve is constructed of plush microfiber material, custom-tailored for the specific size of your MacBook Pro. This machine-washable sleeve stretches to provide a snug fit, and it even can function as a heat shield between laptop and lap when not in use as a cover. The 2fit screen protector buffers the screen from keyboard rubs during transport. Made of the finest-quality optical cloth, it is also perfect for cleaning the display of your notebook. Enjoy a perfect fit in notebook protection wherever you store your MacBook—secure it with 2fit!

Product Compatibility
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