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Allegro FW400 PCIe

$49.95 (In Stock)

Allegro FW400 PCIe
Key Benefits
Simple way to add three FireWire 400 ports to any compatible computer
Easy installation—plug and play
Provides fast interface to import videos from your digital camcorder, transfer files to external drives, and more
Supports hot-swappable device connection—plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer

More Fire(Wire) Power

Mac and PC ComputersDoes your computer have enough FireWire connections for your digital device collection? FireWire 400 is still the fastest interface found on many peripherals. From external drives, DV camcorders, and audio interfaces, to digital cameras and scanners, thousands of devices connect to computers via FireWire. If you've purchased a new computer recently, you may have noticed a complete lack of FireWire 400 ports. So, how will you connect your stuff? We have a simple solution to this dilemma—install Sonnet's Allegro™ FW400 PCIe to instantly add three FireWire 400 connections to your computer!

Mac & PC Compatibility
For complete Mac and PC compatibility list, visit product's webpage.

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