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Tempo Cable Kit (AGP)

$29.95 (In Stock)

Don't Fold—You've Got the Winning Hand!
Have you ever upgraded your Power Mac® by installing a PCI ATA adapter card and new hard drives? If so, you know the challenge of trying to get the cables to reach all of the drives without interfering with anything else. Sonnet simplifies the task with the Tempo™ ATA/IDE cable kit.

The kit contains two custom-made cables built specifically for late-model Power Mac computers. With connectors in the right places and folded so you don’t have to, you can actually connect up to 4 additional hard drives (try that with standard cables!) to your Tempo ATA133, Tempo RAID133*, or Tempo Trio PCI ATA adapter card.

Simple Installation
Installation is straightforward. These cables are just right—not too long, not too short, and the connectors are where they should be—so plugging in the cables between the adapter card and the drives, then closing your computer, is the entire installation process.
It doesn’t get much simpler.

Compatible Macintosh Models
Power Macintosh® G3 Blue & White
Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics)
Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics)
Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)
Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2001 and 2002)

*The Tempo RAID133 now ships standard with the cables from the cable kit part number TCB-MDS.

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