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ThunderLok (2-Pack)
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Fusion R400QR5 (16TB)

$2,695.00 (Out of Stock)

Fusion R400QR5-4TB

Performance and Data Security
Considering a multi-drive storage system? If so, you already know about the benefits of striping data across multiple drives—you’ll gain the faster performance necessary for working with HD video formats when you connect the system to an eSATA host controller. Sonnet’s Fusion™ R400QR5 SATA storage system delivers speed, reliability, and versatility in an easy to deploy package. Fusion R400QR5 offers security, too—it features a high performance internal RAID controller that manages the enclosed drives and supports RAID 5 drive formatting, which provides data protection in case one of the drives fails. Sonnet storage system incorporates an informative rear-mounted display and front-mounted status LEDs, and simple to use controls that enable you to easily configure the drives or select information to be displayed.

Package Contents: Fusion R400QR5 rackmount drive enclosure, (4) 4TB* drive modules, (1) locking eSATA cable, (1) FireWire 800 cable, (1) FireWire 400 cable, (1) USB cable, power cord, and User’s Guide.

* Unformatted disk capacities. Actual formatted capacities depend on drive formatting and configuration.

Note: This model is for North America. This system is NOT compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows XP.

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